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Lost Property @ HBK

Being a large school makes reuniting lost property with its owner a challenge.  If a student has lost an item whilst in school you can click on the relevant category list below to see if that item is in the Lost Property office.  If you believe that an item on one of the category lists belongs to you/your child please contact stating the catalogue number, your description of the item, the student’s name and tutor group. 

Any lost property that we receive which is named is automatically returned to the student and an email sent home to let the parents/carers know that the student has been reunited with it.  We would therefore encourage students and parents/carers to name as many items as possible in order to make the process of returning lost items easier. 

Students are advised to ‘retrace their steps’ after losing an item as it can sometimes take a short while for lost items to reach the lost property system. Key areas for you/your child to check are Main Reception, the Lower or Middle School Office and the Pastoral Administration Officer, Mrs Lowe who is located in the Middle School building next to the Maths Base.  Once a student has completed these checks and the item still is missing, they have the option of filling in a lost property form.  These forms are available in all the key areas.   

HBK Lost – HBK Found – HBK Reunite


Updated lost property list will be available soon