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ACES Academies Trust

Declaration of Interests

Register of Pecuniary interests January 2022 

Register of Pecuniary and Personal Interests for Trustees and Members of ACES Academies Trust 

Name and Position Description of Interest
Brian Message - Chair of Board of Trustees & Trustee None
Gary Weston - Trustee
Director - Top Hex Ltd
Director/Shareholder - VI Squared Ltd
Trustee - Top Hex Retirement Benefit Scheme
Daniel Lewis - Trustee None
Rebecca Ryan - Trustee Leeds Day LLP
Jefrey Matemba - Trustee None
Raj Joshi - Trustee Trustee - Harefield Academy
James Nicholson - Trustee None
Chris Meddle - Trustee None
Charles Glanville - Chair of Board of Members & Member Consultant - The Glanville Partnership
Paul Fenney - Member Chair - Hinchingbrooke Foundation
Bev Curtis - Member Resigned March 2022
Charlie Sinclair- Member None
Harprit Johal - Member Employee - All Things Considered Ltd
Shareholder/Consultant - Wentworth TC Ltd
Andrew Goulding - CEO & Trustee Julia Elliott (wife) - Academy Challenge Partner, 
Julia Elliott Consultancy
David McMillan - Director of Finance  Chief Operating Officer