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ACES Academies Trust

About ACES

About ACES


The ACES Academies Trust IS BASED AROUND HUNTINGDON IN CAMBRIDGESHIRE AND serves  local communities. 

“The ACES Trust uses the mantra Aspiration, Creativity and Excellence to create Success. This seeks to ignite the imaginations of young people, kindle ambition and fuel the creative energy of communities, so that our students achieve excellence and grow into responsible global citizens. I am very keen that pupils of all ages are encouraged to develop abilities and skills that will ultimately make them highly employable. Qualifications alone are not enough. We want to ensure our pupils develop the ability to apply themselves with resilience, to think creatively, to be a team player, to question and reason and to argue rationally. Respect, tolerance and compassion should be central in all our schools.”

Brian Message, sponsor of ACES Academies Trust



ACES Academies Trust has a shared local vision to raise aspiration and achievement for the communities we serve. We focus on the raising of standards by sharing staff expertise and utilising additional resource gained through the sponsor’s connections with a range of businesses across Europe and the US. Aspiration is raised through a rich and varied curriculum offer, supported by a range of diverse extra-curricular opportunities.


ACES Academies Trust has creativity at its core. We wish for our students to develop the ability to apply themselves with resilience, to think creatively, to question and reason and to argue rationally, so they are equipped to take their places in the world as global citizens who show tolerance, compassion and respect.


ACES Academies Trust focuses on excellence for all. We promote excellence in all areas of student endeavour, including the academic. Students develop self-motivation, self-respect, self-regulation and self-worth. We pursue excellence in pedagogical practice through active research and by ensuring that every child is purposefully engaged in learning within and across a wide and varied curriculum.  


ACES Academies Trust seeks to provide each child with the life skills to maximise their chance of success and to be the person they want to be.  We use businessmen and women to help our students develop the knowledge and understanding of the requirements of employers across many sectors, including in the creative careers. Success in their examinations is important of course, but also in becoming the person they want to be by building the skills to achieving the life goals they have.